Buying Breastmilk Online: The Research


A new study titled "Microbial Contamination of Human Milk Purchased via the Internet" was published in the journal Pediatrics with some interesting conclusions on the safety of this practice. The study's objective: "To quantify microbial contamination of human milk purchased via the Internet as an indicator of disease risk to recipient infants." Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, [...]

It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here…

I'm sitting here with sweaty palms in a room that I'm told is actually a bit chilly. Me? I'm sweating balls, even in the AC, with the fan on. (I don't know why, but that crass expression just really seems to capture it. Sweating balls.) I've gained a few pounds. I have hot flashes. I sweat [...]

Cop a Squat: Couches, Floors, and Potties (Oh, my!)


(Is it 'cop a squat'? 'Pop a squat'? Internet, save me! Or just ignore that and keep reading....) Remember that time I got swept up in the moment and put our couch to the curb? #savetheasses! (Fine. I got swept up in the moment and got our couch firmly stuck in the frame of the front [...]

Permission to Administer Corporal Punishment to Public School Children


Yes, this is real. (It was shared by a mom in a private Facebook group; I have her permission to share it.) This is happening in 2014. Despite the fact that research shows physical punishment (of any kind) actually does more harm than good, this still happens. It's ludicrous that any parent should be expected to give their [...]

A Milky Milestone


Lukas slept for over seven straight hours last night. Seven. straight. hours. SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS!!! (I'm a big jackass and didn't go to bed until two+ hours after he did, but whatever. This is still an awesome milestone! Josh slept for 7+ hours, Luke slept for 7+ hours, and I slept for over five hours [...]

The Massive Formula Marketing Conspiracy of the #ISupportYou Movement


Have you heard of #ISupportYou? It got a nice mention in Suzanne Barston's recent guest post on this site about what to do with unsolicited formula samples. (Yes, she's the Fearless Formula Feeder.) I came across a post criticizing a suggestion from that post, that moms could play "Coupon Fairy." Yes, I'll actually agree that taking [...]

Upcycling Your Formula Freebies


[Note: This is a guest post by Suzanne Barston, CLC, aka the Fearless Formula Feeder. (I know, some people reading this probably already clicked away in a huff. I'd say those people aren't in the business of supporting ALL moms, particularly when this post isn't advocating a specific feeding method at all.) For those of you still [...]

5 Things I’m Loving for Homeschooling


1. Base 10 Manipulative Blocks We have a 161-piece base 10 block set that I bought on Zulily about six months ago. It's been sitting on the shelf, unused, until last week. Suddenly, Ava is super interested in them. Since we got them out, she's learned place value and some basic base 10 math. (Peg+Cat, [...]

Five Things I’m Loving for Cloth Diapering


Diaper Dawgs! I thought these were totally unnecessary and a little dumb when I first saw them. But when you're pulling apart a pocket diaper for the laundry, these are AWESOME. Two (clean!) thumbs up.   Thirsties Duo AIO (All In One). The price is right on these and they are about as fool-proof as [...]

Six Weeks Postpartum: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs!


Luke is six weeks old already! SIX! Pregnancy crawls and then time speeds up once the baby arrives. Plus, it's summer, which I think makes things go by even faster. I've been meaning to write an update for about three weeks, but this is the first I've been able to get to it. (Thank you, napping [...]

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